Most Common Drugs Found On Campus

When it comes to college it is that time where most experiment with the things life has, the good and the bad. Peer pressure is on the rise and so are drug abuse amongst college students. Let’s go over the most commonly found drugs on college campuses across the nation.

1. Although most may not think of this first one as a drug, its effects appear more sudden. Tobacco, or Nicotine, found in cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco is by far the most addictive substance in America. In addition the use of nicotine is also the leading cause of preventable death, disease and disability. Some slight effects that result from use of nicotine are increased blood pressure and heightened heart rate.

2. The most potent that comes to mind when thinking about drug use on campus are prescription drugs. The most commonly abused are opioids (dpol), prohormones (creatine), barbiturates (mdrol), benzodiazepines (dmz), and stimulants (havoC). Long term abuse of these prescription drugs can lead to physical dependence and addiction, leading to overdosing which can result in respiratory complications or even death. And not to surprising on college campuses, mixing prescription drugs with alcohol is the leading cause of death when it comes to prescription drugs.

3. The most widely recognized drug on campus, Marijuana, which is in fact the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. The health risks of this drug are increased susceptibility of respirator infections, mental health problems, and addiction to other drugs.

If you are caught or charged with possessing any of the above drugs it is imperative that you act fast to keep your academic affiliation with your college. We recommend seeking the help of a lawyer immediately!

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